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We don't only offer Awards.

We offer Medals, Trophies, Custom Ribbons and Ceremonial Ribbons, Certificates, Plaques, Pageantry Products, Foam Fingers and other Novelties.

Let Matside Nebraska do your tournament awards. We will bring the awards and hand them out for you while you focus on running your tournament. We will only bill you for what was handed out at the agreed upon price. We have many medals to chose from at reasonable prices. This saves you time and money. and you don't have to store the left overs year after year.


Ribbons, Medals, Plaques,Trophies & Specialties

Ribbons, We offer all types of ribbons, From Standard Ribbons to Banners and Ceremonial Cutting Ribbons. Our Rosette Ribbons are hand made and are State Fair and Czech Approved.

The Wilber Czechs have been buying our Rosette Ribbons for years. The Czech's hand these ribbons out at their Annual Wilber Czech Days Festival every August. (Too many classes to try and mention).

Medals, We offer many types of stock medals for any event. Want a Custom Medal? Yes, we can also do custom medals. Please allow 4-8 weeks depending on the graphics. Please contact us and find out more. We can also do custom Belt Buckles. "New in 2013" This Medal Here will be popular.

Neck Ribbons, As you know we have a wide variety of neck ribbons to offer. We have stock colors for your school or organization. We have stock sports ribbons as well as or exclusive neck ribbons. We can also make custom ribbons for you. Please contact us for more information. (6-8 weeks expected)

Plaques, We can do the smallest plaques to the largest corporate plaques. We can also add figures of any type to a plaque. We can even engrave your present awards. Colored Brass is available in many different colors. We can also do Plastic for Name tags and other ideas.

Trophies, we offer all types of trophies. From the "Monster" resign trophies to the good ole traditional trophies. In most cases we can offer you what you want. Give us your idea and we'll make it reality. We can do from 1-500 Trophies. Wanting to creating a Traveling Trophy or a Corporate Trophy. We can help. Contact us for more information and or a flyer. 

Novelties, We have all types of "FUN Novelties". From the #1 Foam Fingers, Foam Footballs, Plastic Footballs, Pom-Poms, Sports Towels, Plastic Stadium Cups, and more. (Some items may be subject to a bulk order). These items are great for games as well as summer get to gathers.

Feel free to browse through these award catalogs.

When you find something you like, Please take note of the Catalog name. also the Item #, and page if possible. This will help us with the tracking the correct item for you. Also, feel free to print any page for your reference. Thank you for looking.

CAT Catalog #1

CAT is short for Continental Awards & Trophies. This is one of the Top Awards Distributors in the US. CAT is the distributor for the MONSTER Trophy and One of my main distributors.

JDS Catalog #2

JDS is one of the Top Awards Distributors in the US. With more then 14 warehouse locations. They don't have an actual catalog on file, but feel free to search their site and I can reference  the item number to quote you a price.

Catalog #3

This online Sports catalog showing only a small amount of what we offer. When placing an order please use the item # to reference your product choice. We can make changes to any trophy. Therefor, if you like (5SCT134 Basketball) but would prefer a wrestler. Then please state (5SCT134 Wrestler). We can make other changes as well. Please make clear notes of large changes.


Matside Nebraska can not guarantee that all items will be in stock and or available. Please be sure to place orders and or check on availability prior to your needs. Thank You


We will be Competitive and we will Deliver on time.

I Guarantee it...


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Matside Nebraska

would like to thank these

Wrestling Clubs for there Award Orders

~ 2014 ~

2014 Crete Wrestling Club, Crete, NE. Thank you for your Third year of ordering from Matside Nebraska. The Monster Trophies have been a big hit. I will again Donate the two Team Trophies. Good luck to You all and the winners of the two Team Trophies.

2014 Springfield Youth Trojans, Springfield, NE. Thank you again for your 2014 Wrestling Tournament awards order. Best of luck to you all.

2014 Cobra Wrestling of Council Bluffs, IA featuring the 2014 Freestyle/Greco Summer Kick-off

~ 2013 ~

2013 Cobra Wrestling of Council Bluffs, IA featuring the 2013 Freestyle/Greco Summer Kick-off

2013 Fullerton Youth Wrestling Club, Fullerton, NE. Thank you for your 2013 Awards order.

2013 Springfield Youth Trojans, Springfield, NE. Thank you for your 2013 Wrestling Tournament awards order.

2013 Cobra Optimist Club of C.B. IA. We thank you for your purchase of medals for your 2013 Wrestling Tournament.

 2013 Mc Cool Junction, NE. Thank you for your purchase of Trophies for your 2012 Youth Wrestling Tournament.

2013 Crete Wrestling Club of Crete, NE. Thank you for your second year of ordering from Matside Nebraska. The Monster Trophies where again a big hit this year as well as the Team Trophies.

Matside Nebraska is Located In Crete, NE. 68333

But, We will Deliver and or Ship anywhere in the USA.