This is how the Awards Keeper works

Go from this to something you can once again be proud of. Your accomplishments. Share them and enjoy them with everyone. It is easy with the Awards Keeper System.

Neck Ribbons can be strung through the slot provided. Some People have stated that they prefer to stack medals and not use the ribbons. Use the Metallic Pen provided to date the event. A spot of crafters glue or a piece of rolled tape will hold that medal in place.

Place the cards back to back. and slowly slide them into the pocket. Larger Medals and Ribbons should be kept in larger pockets to prevent stress on the seams. This also looks better.
Mix and match your Achievements, We recommend you use your best judgment on the amount of Medals you place in a book. With lighter ribbons and pictures you can really pack the book. Once again, Please use your best judgment.

Here you can see the Button and Pin cards used. Every Starter Kit comes with 2 of these cards.
These are what we consider Picture Pockets. These
 make it so easy to scrap book. See, you can scrap book.

The Awards Keeper can be used for any type of award. Wrestling, Gymnastics, 4-H, Basketball, Dance.and so much more.

The Awards Keeper keeps your prized Awards and Achievements safe and sound and ready to enjoy when you want to relive the moments.



Yes, The Awards Keeper can even be used as a Scrap Booked to personalize the moments and memorizes.  This book has unlimited options.

We recommend that you do not exceed 80 awards (10-12 pages) per book. We also recommend that books are left lying flat when stored to reduce the pressure on the binders and pages. Please, use your best judgment to ensure the long life of your Awards Keeper.

Our Guarantee is for craftsmanship, If the Book would ever fail and or the pages wear out. They will be replaced for free. Under normal use a book will last a life time. We Guarantee it...